PVC Coated Wire

Industrial PVC Coated Wire Mesh

  • Benefits – Long service life and superior coating
  • Sizes –  .5” x .5” to 4”x 4” mesh openings   –    16ga to 4ga
  • Coating – Plain Steel, Galvanized, PVC Coated, Stainless Steel
  • Recommended for – Machine Guards, Infill Panels, Parking Lots, Trellis Screens

Put Safety First!

Machine guards, blade guards, safety cages and screens are a critical first line of defense, assuring safe working conditions around hazardous machinery or protecting delicate instrumentation from jarring and debris. Machine guards fabricated from Shepherd Welded Wire may be used to supplement existing guards, replace damaged screens or provide an entirely new cage around custom machinery. Shepherd Utility Mesh for safety panels is ideal as fan covers, domed light screens and to add additional protection to safety railings.

  • Bright yellow fuse-bonded vinyl coating is highly visible for maximum safety.
  • 16 gauge welded 1/2” x 1/2” mesh provides a strong, effective barrier.
  • Welded wire mesh may be cut or bent to fit virtually any application.
  • Easy to handle; speeds fabrication and installation time.
  • Resistant to most chemicals – ideal for industrial areas.

Construction Applications

Shepherd welded wire mesh is used in construction for reinforcing concrete and perlite. Use light gauge hex mesh wire for stucco applications. In addition, Shepherd Wire provides greater stability and durability when used to insulation support in walls and around pipes. Heavier gauge welded wire mesh makes strong, effective and highly portable construction site barricades. It’s economical because it’s less wasteful than plastic netting – you can use Shepherd Mesh again and again.