C.E. Shepherd operates two manufacturing facilities in Houston, TX. One is dedicated to our wire welding and PVC coating operations while the other houses our plastics division. Our complete line of products protects and serves critical infrastructure in the public, industrial, residential, and agricultural markets. Learn More
  • MaxStop


    MaxStop is a perimeter security system protecting critical infrastructure in the public and industrial sectors.

    Recommended for Oil & Gas, Data Centers, Correctional Facilities, Military Facilities, Energy Facilities, Transportation Facilities and more. Learn More
  • TranSafe


    TranSafe is a perimeter security system protecting infrastructure in the mass transit, pedestrian, and traffic control sectors.

    Recommended for Residential, Data Centers, Schools, Energy Facilities, Public Works. Learn More
  • Modular Gabion Systems

    Modular Gabion Systems

    Modular Gabion Systems are engineered welded wire mesh products for earth retention and soil stabilization, erosion control and flood control, and landscape and architectural applications. Recommended for Channel Linings, Headwalls & culver outlets, drop structures & weirs, gravity walls, MSE walls, landscape architecture, rock fall mitigation, revetments, sea walls, soil stabilization, storm water filter. Learn More


Industrial Steel Fabrication & Manufacturing

Since 1957, quality industrial welded wire mesh products and outstanding, reliable customer service has been a focus for our team here at C.E. Shepherd Company. With a dedicated staff and advanced manufacturing methods and technology, we are able to faithfully serve clients spread out throughout the world and belonging to a wide range of industries.

Products & Services

C.E. Shepherd Company offers a wide-ranging product line of wire mesh.

Other product lines include manufacturing custom and standard hinges and specialty embossing for plastic film, laminates, woven fabrics, paper and foil. Each and every one of the products features the same high quality materials and adherence to the same high standards.

Security Fencing Products


Featuring high security welded wire mesh panels, MaxStop serves as some of the most effective security fencing solutions on the market. With Maxstop, our steel fabrication services provide leading anti-cut and anti-climb fencing to properly secure facilities ranging from prisons, government buildings, army bases, power plants, oil refineries and more. For more information and detials on our Maxstop fencing – click here! 


Similar to our MaxStop fences, TranSafe is also a product of our advanced industrial steel products manufacturing. This is an anti-climbing and anti-cutting fencing solution that is used specifically to protect elements of mass transit. For more information and details on our Transafe fencing – click here! 

Modular Gabion Systems

This is another innovative use of our industrial welded wire mesh products. These modular welded wire mesh baskets filled with stones or other matter are highly effective in erosion and flood control thanks to their resilience to the elements and overall permeability. Our Modular Gabion Systems are utilized by landscape professionals, architects, land preservation professionals and more. For more information and details on our modular gabion systems – click here!

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Industry-leading products are impossible to leverage unless they are surrounded by close, personal and accommodating customer service. Here at C.E. Shepherd, we have a team that is dedicated to working closely with you to determine your needs and equip you with solutions to meet those needs.

Connect with us today and let us know what your needs are. We’re invested in the overall success of our clients, working every day to provide products and services that bring your business operations to new heights.

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