Shepherd Aquaculture Mesh

  • Benefits – More durable than plastic netting
  • Sizes – ¼” x ¼” to 4”x 4”     –     23ga to 10ga
  • Coating – PVC Coated
  • Recommended for – Bird mesh, Cages, Culture trays and traps, Floating pens and cages

Floating pens and cages help you better manage and protect your fish farming enterprise, particularly when it comes to feeding, harvesting and predator control. Shepherd supplies Aquaculture Mesh for bird mesh, cages, culture trays and traps combines the best quality wire, technologically advanced welding methods and our proprietary fuse-bonded PVC coating to give you durable, corrosion resistant long-lasting wire mesh. Vinyl coated Shepherd Aquaculture Wire Mesh is far more durable than plastic netting alternatives for aquatic farming; it resists chewing, snagging and breakage to prevent loss to predators or escape.

“Plastic coated welded wire is preferable for cage construction because of its durability.” – Langston University Research & Extension, Aquaculture Program

Floating pens and floating cages for farming fish, shellfish culture trays and crawfish traps made from PVC coated, sometimes called plastic coated, Shepherd wire mesh are easy to build and are virtually maintenance free. With a variety of gauges and meshes or nettings available, there’s a Shepherd Aquaculture Wire Mesh to meet your specific fish farming needs.

Suited to such species as ornamental fish and juvenile shrimp, Shepherd Quick Tanks kits are a great solution for culture tank operations. Available in both standard and custom sizes, Shepherd Quick Tanks include a tough interior liner (12 mil or 20 mil thickness), 12 1/2 gauge welded wire mesh with a 1.5″ x 1.5″ opening and spiral binder connections. Our tank design is quickly and easily assembled and disassembled by one person, can be transported in the bed of a pickup and even shipped by UPS. Shepherd Portable Tanks can be taken down, moved and reassembled as often as needed.