Protect your property or facility from erosion or flooding with the help of C.E. Shepherd Company and out Texas Modular Gabion erosion control system solutions.

Made from our high-quality, resilient welded wire meshing that we have we been manufacturing since the 1960s, Modular Gabion Systems (a division of C.E. Shepherd Company) are great for such applications as:

  • Retaining walls
  • Shore defense
  • Bank and channel protection
  • Groins
  • Jetties
  • And more

Not only do we provide leading flood and erosion control solutions, our Modular Gabion Systems are installed by our team of highly trained technicians. They consist of baskets made out of our proprietary welded wire mesh and filled with rocks or other permeable materials.

Furthermore, our Modular Gabion Systems and erosion control solutions are relatively low cost and they are highly effective in providing long-term protection for your area of land.


Learn How a Modular Gabion Erosion Control System Can Help You

The team at C.E. Shepherd Company has been outfitting clients with Gabion Systems for erosion and flooding control for decades. We use that knowledge and experience to address the unique needs of your property and/or project.

Our Modular Gabion Systems only use the highest-quality materials and wire mesh products so that our clients receive the most reliable and long-lasting erosion control possible. Clients can count on our wire mesh products to hold up and last the test of time. These materials are incredibly resistant to moisture and other elements. Therefore, our Gabion Systems remain effectively in place for decades. Our team can consult with you and inspect the project site to help you find solutions that are going to deliver results.

Contact Us for More Information on our Modular Gabion Systems and Erosion Control Solutions

We can provide you with more in-depth information about our Modular Gabion Systems and erosion control solutions at any time. Consult with a representative on our staff and to make an appointment now.

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