Shepherd Wire Mesh Products

The C. E. Shepherd Company produces literally millions of feet of quality wire mesh every year, for a broad variety of applications. Much of this wire mesh is coated with a durable PVC coating that is fuse-bonded to the wire in a proprietary process which makes the wire extremely rust and corrosion resistant. The coating also provides a smooth, snag-free surface which is easy to clean and requires little or no maintenance. Products made of C. E. Shepherd Wire last and will not rust even when exposed to water or other corrosive environments over long periods of time, and will withstand the roughest use you can give them! Strong and durable, Shepherd Wire provides economical value by significantly reducing replacement costs. C. E. Shepherd Company also offers quality stainless steel wire meshes. Stainless steel mesh is ideal for zoo or cage applications where zinc galvanizing is undesirable; cooling tower, marine or cooling tower applications necessitating the greatest corrosion resistance possible; or architectural applications which feature a stainless steel aesthetic. Shepherd Wire Mesh is available in a large assortment of gauges and welded and woven mesh sizes. These are just a few of the possible uses for Shepherd Wire Mesh. More specific information is available; please call for details.

MaxStop Security Fencing

Heavy gauge welded wire fence mesh for perimeter protection of sensitive sites. Climbing, cutting, and corrosion resistant.

Aquaculture Mesh

Fuse-bonded powder coated (PVC) Shepherd mesh resists corrosion, breakage and predators…

Cage Meshes for Aviaries, Cages, Kennels, Poultry & Zoos

From hummingbirds to hippos, Shepherd mesh provides safe, sanitary protection without spoiling the view…

Fence Meshes

Learn more about Shepherd fencing as temporary fence, safety barriers or perimeter security fence in public, private and commercial areas.

Greenhouse and Nursery Applications

Shepherd mesh for greenhouse Bench tops, Stem Supports and Wind Guard prevents pests and disease eating into your profits…

Marine Trap Meshes

For decades we’ve supplied commercial trap builders with high quality, corrosion resistant mesh (sometimes called “netting”) for lobster traps, crab pots, crawfish traps and more…

Safety and Utility Applications

Protect employees and delicate equipment alike with safety cages, screens and guards made from our quality vinyl coated mesh…

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