The Modular Gabion Systems that C.E. Shepherd provide has lead us to become the leading retaining wall landscape architecture company in Houston and throughout the USA. This division of C.E. Shepherd Company allows us to specialize in manufacturing a highly durable and lasting welded wire mesh material.

We utilize this wire mesh with our retaining wall landscape architecture solutions. With Gabion baskets, you can effectively protect your land and soil from erosion, flooding or other hazards that might pose a threat.


Highly Effective Retaining Wall Landscape Architecture Solutions

Located in Houston, C.E. Shepherd Company has been providing retaining wall landscape architecture solutions for decades. Not only do retaining walls look great and add a certain dynamic to your residential or commercial property, but their functional purpose is vastly important — protecting your land from being destroyed by the destructive elements.

Our retaining walls and landscape architecture solutions work closely with you to help match you with solutions that are ideal for your property. Our Gabion baskets come in a variety of dimensions — this versatility helps us create a custom retaining wall to fit your property.

It’s important to work with a savvy engineer so that you are able to account for all the needs of your property and that your finished retaining wall will be effective in fending off erosion, flooding and more.


An economical avenue for erosion control

Our retaining wall landscape architecture solutions have created a cost-efficient means of protecting your land. While raw materials for a traditional retaining wall can cost a lot of money and be more difficult to install, our Gabion baskets filled with a permeable material provide the functionality you need in a retaining wall and they look decorative at the same time.


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Thousands of clients have relied on the products made available by our retaining wall landscape architecture solutions. Explore our Modular Gabion System for your retaining wall needs.

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