Custom Plastic Hinge Manufacturer

Implement low-maintenance and cost-efficient hinges for your application or product by teaming with C.E. Shepherd, a leading Houston-based custom plastic hinge manufacturer.

C.E. Shepherd Company has a rich history of working with a wide range of clients, offering high quality hinges at an economical price point. As a custom plastic hinge manufacturer in Houston, C.E. Shepherd Company can create hinges that meet your exact specifications.

These products have a place in a variety of applications. C.E. Shepard serves as plastic hinge suppliers for clients belonging to the marine, chemical and industrial industries, utilizing them in some of the following applications:

  • Cabinet doors
  • Cupboards
  • Lids
  • Covers/hatches
  • And more

We are plastic hinge suppliers in Houston that have created a truly durable hinge that will stand up to the punishment being levied by the elements. Our plastic hinges perform admirably in applications where they are constantly being exposed to water, corrosive materials and more. They do not weaken, warp or corrode.


Quality products from a proven custom plastic hinge manufacturer

Another key selling point of our molded plastic hinges is that they do not require consistent lubrication and they feature pin-less hinges, which means you will seldom have to repair and replace them.

These hinges are relatively easy to install and implement and they come in a vast array of standard dimensions and colors. To add to their versatility, they work well with metal, wood and plastic surfaces.


C.E. Shepherd as your trusted custom plastic hinge manufacturer

Based in Houston, C.E. Shepherd has worked hard to design and manufacture a cost-efficient alternative to metal hinges. We invite you to explore the many benefits of our molded, plastic hinges and see what we can offer your business or operation as your custom plastic hinge manufacturer.

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C. E. Shepherd Company

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