Welcome to leaders in perimeter airport security fencing development. At C.E. Shepherd Co. we provide clients all over the country with our MaxStop welded wire mesh security fencing solutions.

These security fences come with a wide range of features and are designed to handle the security and safety demands of four different security tiers. Airports and aircraft maintenance and holding areas are require high security, and our perimeter airport security fencing company can work with you to design and implement a robust fencing solution.


Addressing the needs of your airport fencing development

MaxStop security fences are engineered intelligently to help fend off some of the more common threats that face it. These fences are resistant to cutting, climbing and tunneling underneath (when panels are installed under the fence).

Our airport fencing company created a security solution that stands up to:

  • Intruders: Airports must adhere to strict security policies and with our perimeter airport security fencing development, you can secure the premises and hold off individuals or teams of intruders – even when they are armed with cutting tools and large vehicles.
  • The elements: These fencing solutions must also be able to hold up against extreme elements. Our clients should not have to worry that the structural integrity of their fence has been compromised due to a severe storm.

Our perimeter airport security fencing company works to stay in line with the agreed upon timeline for each project to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We can walk you through the many options that are available so that you can custom create a security fence that fits the needs of your environment.

C.E. Shepherd Company and our MaxStop security fences are relied upon all over the country. Our team of technicians and engineers are ready to take on your perimeter airport security fencing development.

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