C.E. Shepherd Company, located in Houston, is a trusted stainless steel wire mesh manufacturer that lends this strong, robust material to a variety of applications. 

Made with steel core wire that is treated with hot dipped galvanizing and primer before a layer of fuse bonded PVC coating is added, this steel mesh stands up to all forms of punishment and still retains its structural integrity.


As a trusted stainless steel wire mesh manufacturer in Houston, we work with a wide range of clients, lending our materials to some of the following applications.

  • Security fences: C.E. Shepherd Company is the developer behind the MaxStop brand of high security fences. As a Houston stainless steel wire mesh supplier, we apply our strong metal mesh to help fend off attempts by intruders to break through a perimeter. Our fences are cut-proof and climbing-proof.
  • Nurseries and greenhouses: We are also a woven stainless steel wire mesh supplier in Houston that lends our materials to nurseries and greenhouses, where they are highly effective as benches, bench tops, wind guards and more. The breathable and moisture resistant nature of our mesh help clients grow and maintain plants more effectively.
  • Marine traps: Many clients that find themselves in need of various marine traps will rely on our team as their woven stainless steel wire mesh manufacturer. That’s because our metal mesh can withstand constant exposure to water without weakening.

The list does on from there — from kennels and cages to aquaculture pens. As a leading woven stainless steel wire mesh manufacturer in Houston, we are proud that our metal mesh admirably serves in a wide range of applications.

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