C.E. Shepherd Company, located in Houston, provides highly effective and economical natural soil erosion control solutions that preserve soil and prevent erosion or potential landslides within mountainous or waterside terrains.

Modular Gabion Systems is a division of C.E. Shepherd, and these products are used for a variety of applications that are associated with erosion control. These natural soil erosion control solutions in Houston can service some of the following applications:

  • Earth retention
  • Soil stabilization
  • Flood control
  • Erosion control
  • Landscape architecture

As a trusted Houston natural soil erosion control company, C.E. Shepherd Company utilizes our proprietary welded wire mesh to create these solutions. This mesh is an excellent investment, as it holds strong and is incredibly resistant to water and moisture.

While other metal meshes might start to corrode, weaken, warp or curl, our natural soil erosion control company in Houston has developed a material that avoids these fates and delivers excellent value for your investment.


Economical and effective Houston natural soil erosion control solutions

Modular Gabion Systems can be assembled on the project site with relative ease. These strong, durable welded wire mesh baskets are filled with permeable material that will allow for effective erosion control.

The team behind our natural soil erosion control solutions in Houston can provide you with an extensive evaluation of your project site. We can help match you with solutions that will deliver effective control of the hazards that are threatening your soil and land.

C.E. Shepherd Company has been manufacturing our highly durable and effective welded wire mesh for decades. We invite you to utilize this tried and true material to deliver highly effective and cost-efficient natural soil erosion control solutions. Consult with one of the representatives on our staff about your needs — we would be happy to help you explore your options.

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C. E. Shepherd Company

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