As a greenhouse stainless steel mesh manufacturer, the Houston-based team at C.E. Shepherd Company has resources that can enhance your nursery or greenhouse operations.

Our products are created from a PVC-coated wire mesh and include gripper benches, bench tops, wind guards, stem supports and more. As a leading Greenhouse stainless steel mesh manufacturer in Houston, we design our products to help end users combat common problems within day to day operations, including:


  • Bacterial infestations: By utilizing our durable, breathable welded metal mesh, water is not left to settle and stagnate, welcoming in bacterial infections that can destroy plants and lead to health concerns.
  • Pest infestations: Similarly, C.E. Shepherd, located in Houston, is a greenhouse stainless steel mesh fabricator that was focused on eliminating pest infestations through clean, breathable solutions.
  • Material costs: As a longtime Greenhouse stainless steel mesh fabricator in Houston, we can attest to the effectiveness of our materials. While other nursery and greenhouse materials might corrode or rot, C.E. Shepherd Company produces steel mesh that lasts and cuts down on material costs.
  • Damaging winds and elements: C. E. Shepherd is an experienced greenhouse stainless steel mesh manufacturer that creates products to provide protection. Our wind shields and stem supports are good examples — we protect your plants (and your profits).


Finding solutions with a leading Greenhouse stainless steel mesh manufacturer

C.E. Shepherd has decades of experience creating this proprietary stainless steel mesh for nursery and greenhouse applications. We have worked tirelessly to analyze the needs of these operations and find solutions to solve them.

Grow smarter and more effectively by choosing C.E. Shepherd Company as your greenhouse stainless steel mesh manufacturer. One of our representatives would be happy to show you through our extensive product line and help you find solutions for the problems you are facing in your operation.

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