Greenhouse PVC Coated Mesh Manufacturer

Located in Houston, C.E. Shepherd Company is a greenhouse PVC coated mesh manufacturer that offers a wide range of solutions for individuals or companies that are in this line of business.

Our team starts with mesh made out of steel core wiring, applies a coat of hot dipped galvanizing, primer and then the fuse bonded PVC coating. The end result is a material that serves many important applications within greenhouses and nurseries. These products created by our greenhouse PVC coated mesh manufacturer in Houston include:

  • Pot gripper benches: This mesh bench grips each pot securely and eliminates the need to lay them down directly on a wooden bench.
  • Bench tops: Available in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions, C.E. Shepherd creates these wire mesh bench top panels, which are safer and easier to install than other bench materials.
  • Wind guards: As a leading greenhouse PVC coated mesh fabricator, we create these products that protect large, potentially unstable plants from damaging winds. The wire mesh gives the plant a chance to breath, which eliminates pest infestations, bacteria and more.
  • Stem supports: We are a greenhouse PVC coated mesh manufacturer that can provide a superior stem support solution for your cut flowers. The resilient material of our mesh allows it to stay strong and supportive for extended use.

As a trusted greenhouse PVC coated mesh manufacturer in Houston, C.E. Shepherd Company provides an easier, more effective way to operate your nursery or greenhouse.


Solutions from a leading greenhouse PVC coated mesh fabricator

You will find that you are able to save money because our mesh is durable and doesn’t not have to be replaced often. These products will also allow you to grow plants more effectively and side step the common issues that can plague your plants.

Talk to a Houston-based representative from C.E. Shepherd and see why we are considered the premier greenhouse PVC coated mesh manufacturer.

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