Shepherd Mesh for Fence Applications

Protecting People and Property

Shepherd welded wire fence mesh is strong enough for animals and safe enough for children's play areas. Shepherd wire mesh is ideal whether you need permanent perimeter security around commercial properties or a temporary fence or portable barricade.

Unlike many fence products, fuse-bonded PVC coated mesh eliminates risks from rust, splinters, paint, sharp burrs, barbs or pinch points. Dimensionally consistent welded wire mesh cannot stretch the way plastic netting will. Welded wire will not "unravel!" and is simpler to install than chain link. Fence mesh is sold in roll stock mesh in various mesh sizes and configurations, with or without crimp. Poles and accessories not included.

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Parks, People and Nature

Major metropolitan agencies, like the cities of New York and Chicago, employ Shepherd wire mesh extensively in their public parks to protect tender plants from foot traffic and dogs, to create temporary spaces for special events and to enhance the security provided by existing ornamental fences. Our green vinyl coated mesh is a favorite in these applications because it blends so well with the natural surroundings. Shepherd plastic coated fence mesh is a great choice on the farm or ranch as well. It is extremely corrosion resistant - even when exposed fertilizers and other chemicals commonly used in agriculture. The strong welded mesh won't unravel if cut; the optional crimp feature allows the mesh to conform to uneven terrain but discourages horses and other animals from trampling or climbing.

Pools, Pets & Play Areas

Shepherd Mesh is natural choice for dog runs, swimming pool surrounds and to protect children's play areas. The welded wire construction and smooth coated finish eliminate many of the pinching, poking and snagging dangers inherent to chain link fence and wood pickets. Shepherd mesh is designed for extraordinary corrosion resistant; where desired it may be partially buried to discourage burrowing. Small mesh configurations are extremely effective to discourage climbing.

Of course, it's great as a temporary barrier. Shepherd welded wire mesh makes sturdy construction barricades. In fact, our mesh can be used anywhere additional or short-term security is desired.

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Duro-Fence in NY Central Park

PVC-coated wire mesh


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