“Quick Tanks” Portable Water Tanks

Shepherd portable Quick Tanks are easily assembled from kits of Shepherd’s own high quality, fuse-bonded PVC coated welded wire mesh and spiral binder connections, geotextile preliners and Griffolyn™ plastic liner materials. Unassembled, portable tanks are easily transported in the bed of a pickup and may be shipped economically. Assembly or disassembly requires no tools and is simple enough for one person! Once assembled, tanks are ideal for emergency water storage, rainwater collection, livestock ponds, irrigation, and aquaculture use. Shepherd PVC coated welded wire mesh is impervious to animal wastes and common agricultural chemicals and is extremely resistant to rust and corrosion - even if the plastic coated wire is nicked.

Shepherd Quick Tanks are available in standard sizes shown below. Inquire about custom sizes.

Capacity of Shepherd "Quick Tanks" Diameter Gallons Cubic Meters Liters 10 ft (3 m) 2050 7.8 7800 15 ft (4.5 m) 4600 17.5 17500 20 ft (6 M) 8200 31.1 31100 Volume Measurements based on a tank 48" high with a fill depth of 42".

Suited to such species as ornamental fish and juvenile shrimp, Shepherd Quick Tanks kits are a great solution for aquaculture tank operations. Available in both standard and custom sizes, Shepherd Quick Tanks include a tough interior liner (12 mil or 20 mil thickness), 12 gauge welded vinyl coated wire mesh with a 1.5" x 1.5" opening and spiral binder connections.


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