Wire Mesh

Cooling Tower Components

Plastic Hinges

Embossed Films & Foils

  • polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, nylon
  • for vacuum pouches, mold release films
  • for bookbinding, solar films, window shades, and decorative foils

Custom Services

  • wire mesh welding
  • PVC coating
  • plastic processing (injection molding, vacuum forming, extrusion)
  • laminates, papers, foils, and films embossing

Consumer Products







Home Products

Wire mesh for security fencing,
erosion control, aquaculture,
cages, kennels, nurseries,
marine traps, safety, and more

Plastic hinges

Cooling tower components

Custom services: PVC coating,
injection molding, welding,
extrusion, embossing, and more