Shepherd Mesh for Greenhouse & Nursery Applications

Grow More Profitable!

Shepherd welded wire mesh for greenhouses and nurseries provide better drainage and air circulation for larger, healthier, more profitable plants, eliminate areas of potential insect infestation, minimize cleaning and reduce bacterial contamination. Our proprietary fuse-bonded PVC coating greatly reduces the potential for rust or corrosion providing greater value through longer product life.

Shepherd Pot Gripper Bench Mesh

Shepherd Pot Gripper bench mesh can reduce bench costs as much as 50% while increasing production more than 30% via reduced breakage. Our exclusive 6" Pot Gripper wire mesh hold pots securely upright; Pot Gripper is engineered with precise spacing for greater stability during watering and at the finishing stages of growth.

Shepherd Bench Top

Shepherd Bench Top wire mesh bench top panels are safer and simpler to install than other commercially available bench materials. The wire mesh bench top panels and fit either stationary or rolling benches. Bench Top Panels are made of 12 1/2 or 14 gauge galvanized steel wire either PVC-coated or uncoated and are available in 1" x 1" mesh to support a wide variety of pots. Available in custom sizes or standard panel sizes of 4' x 8', 5' x 8' and 6' x 8'.

Shepherd Wind Guard

Shepherd Wind Guard safeguards large, heavy plants from damage. Wind Guard is a heavy duty PVC-coated wire mesh that stabilizes individual pots at significantly less cost and weight than cinder block and without water buildup which can lead to destructive bacterial and insect infestation.

Shepherd Stem Support Nursery Wire

Shepherd Stem Support can be manufactured in sizes to fit virtually any system used by cut-flower growers. Unlike plastics, Shepherd PVC-Coated Stem Supports will not stretch, become brittle, require patching or cut during harvest. Our Stem Support Wire saves you time and money on maintenance and installation.


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