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C. E. Shepherd Company owns and operates manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas. One facility is dedicated to our expanding wire welding and PVC coating operations while another houses our extensive plastics division. If you'd like to learn more about how we make our products, please read on. To jump to a particular section, use these quick links: Quick Links: Wire Mesh. Welding & PVC Coating Plastic Processing Embossing

Wire Welding

Our wire welding process begins with steel core wire which meets or exceeds ASTM A90 standards. Shepherd then employs specialized state-of-the-art equipment to weld different gauges. Our advanced technology guarantees virtually error free welding each and every time, producing wire mesh that meets or exceeds ASTM A-185 standards. Our rigid quality control process includes spot-checking welded wire using an oscilloscope which reveals a "perfect weld profile."

PVC Coating

The galvanized, welded wire mesh is chemically cleaned and a specially engineered primer is applied to the prepared surface. The cleaned and primed mesh is powder coated with our exclusive formulation of PVC powder coating which is fuse bonded to the core wire. This process, pioneered by C. E. Shepherd Co., prevents the infiltration and resulting migration of moisture between the core wire and the PVC coating to extend the useful life span of wire an estimated 5-10 times over class III zinc galvanizing alone.

A conventional extruded PVC sheath, such as those on chain link fences, acts much like a shirt sleeve. If the sheath becomes nicked, cut or "unfastened" it easily peels away from the steel wire inside, as a shirt sleeve might be unbuttoned and pulled away from the body. C. E. Shepherd Company's fuse-bonded PVC coating is more like a super-skin; even if nicked or damaged, it will resist peeling from the metal and continue to offer protection from corrosives which might otherwise migrate along the wire beneath the coating to cause extensive damage.

Wire will not be adversely affected by cutting in the field as the coating is bonded to the steel core wire. The cut ends of galvanized wire are not prone to corrosion and the welded wire mesh will neither unravel nor need to be reselvedged. Additionally, fuse bonded coating offers greater UV protection than extruded coatings because it eliminates residual stress.

Plastics Processing - Injection Molding, Vacuum forming, & Extrusion

We specialize in custom plastics processing requirements. Let us help you design, tool, and manufacture your plastic product. In our 35,000 square foot plastics division we can manufacture any custom injection molded, vacuum formed, or plastic extruded product you may require. All tooling is designed and built in-house in our 4000 square foot state of the art machine shop.


Shepherd Company is capable of processing material up to 140" in width and in roll diameters to 36". Our technology permits the embossing of specialized ultra-thin gauge engineered films, elastomerics and highly extensible substrates.

Precision controls adjust to accommodate even the most heat sensitive materials; Shepherd has achieved superb results at temperatures in excess of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Accurate web tension is achieved through roll speed ratios within .1% thus permitting either absolute maintenance or alteration of product orientation for processing multiple webs of varying extensibility.

Embossed laminates, papers, foils and engineered films may be applied in the home or industry in uses ranging from mold release media to decorative applications. more

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