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Since the 1960's, C. E. Shepherd Company has offered an outstanding line of high quality cooling tower components. Shepherd components resist corrosion from extended exposure to water and hostile environmental conditions better than any competitive products. We are a major supplier to new cooling tower manufacturers, companies specializing in repairs and upgrades, and maintenance groups. A single source for prompt delivery from stock streamlines purchasing, reduces costs and ensures a fully integrated system thus assuring the same high degree of reliability that cooling tower engineers, maintenance engineers and plant managers have come to expect from C. E. Shepherd Company.

Splash Fills

Shepherd Gull-Wing and V-Bar splash fill slats and coordinating clips provide efficient cooling at an economical price and integrate seamlessly with Hanger Brackets and your choice of Shepherd Fill Slat Hanger Grids in PVC coated or stainless steel. more

Cellular Fills

Vertical flow, antifouling cellular film fill (VE-210) and cross-corrugated CES-190. more

Drift Reduction Units

Cellular media captures entrained droplets from the exit air stream to reduce drift without significant pressure drop, available in nesting and non-nesting forms. more

Spray Distribution Nozzles & Accessories

Shepherd distribution nozzles, or splash nozzles, are each designed to provide uniform spray over the fill media. We offer 4 nozzle styles to choose from. more











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