Cellular Fills

CES-190 & CES-120 Film Pack Fill

The most efficient heat transfer method for counterflow cooling towers is accomplished via cross corrugated film-type media or fill. This fill is thermally formed from rigid polyCellular Fillsinyl chloride (PVC), which resists decay and fungal or biological attack. The C. E. Shepherd Company currently offers two such media, CES-190 and CES-120 (see specifications below for details). CES sheets conform to the commercial standard ASTM D1784:12454B. Our sheets can be shipped nested for your assembly or shipped assembled from any one of our four assembly locations.

Assembled CES packs can be cut to fit snugly around framework while still maintaining its rigidity. A perpendicular stacking installation provides break-up points for silt allowing continual flushing of contaminates. The individual stacks allow easy removal for cleaning or replacement if required. CES Film Fill Packs significantly increases cooling tower efficiency as its expansive surface area accelerates cooling in a thin film of water. This increased efficiency translates to reduced pump head and horsepower requirements.

VE-210 Film Pack Fill

Shepherd VE-210 film fill system delivers superior performance with reduced fouling. The vertical entrance / vertical exit media design promotes free flow of debris and biological growth while the cross-corrugations maximize surface area and create turbulence to ensure efficient heat transfer.

Packs are assembled from corrugated sheets bonded with an environmentally friendly adhesive at dedicated glue points. This bonding method produces the strongest packs available, assuring both ease of handling through the rigorous installation process and effective performance during operation.

The VE-210 is a low-fouling, thermally efficient, durable media perfect for heavy industrial applications including power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants and pulp/paper production. Additionally, versatile VE-210 is appropriate in light to medium industries such as the HVAC market. As with all Shepherd Cooling Tower Components, VE-210 is designed for retrofits and new construction alike; VE-210 can boost performance in towers old and new, regardless of manufacturer.