Pinless Butt Hinges

Shepherd plastic hinges are advanced one-piece, molded, plastic, pinless hinges created for silent and maintenance-free service with never a need for lubrication. They will not fatigue or deteriorate even in wet or corrosive environments. Shepherd plastic hinges are even protected against the damaging effects of sunlight with superior UV resistance.

Simple to install using screws, brads, nails or staples, Shepherd Hinges are great for metal, wood or plastic surfaces. Shepherd Butt Hinges are the economical alternative to conventional metal hinges, particularly for use in harsh environments. The one piece, pinless design eliminates binding and pinching.

Shepherd Butt Hinges are available in standard colors (brown, white, black and gray) and range of standard sizes from 1" x 1" to 4" x 4" or, consider a custom-molded hinge designed to your specifications.

Shepherd Plastic Butt Hinges are packaged 12 to the box or in bulk.


1 x 1.5 inch

1x1.5 inch hinge

1.5 x 2 inch

2.5 x 3 inch

1 x 3 inch

3.5 x 3.5 inch

4 x 4 inch



Pinless butt hinge